Wednesday, January 21, 2015


This is how a real 30's Stetson logo should look on your cap or hat 

Tag tucked under the sweatband 

Early UNITED CARR snap 

Lundstrom was founded in San Francisco in 1884 .with its offices on Mission st the company had over 5 locations spread in the city.

Friday, January 16, 2015


I know some of you like to "geek out" on early zippers ,so today's post will feature a nice 30's example on an early French "cycliste" jacket.This type of jacket,is often associated,by militaria collectors,with German pilots during WW2. when found in calf or cowhide that is. Though leather and moleskin jackets from that era are still not too hard to find ,it's a little bit trickier to get ones hands on a nice canvas example....

This particular model was found deadstock 15 years ago and bares all the desirable details such as:bakelite buttons,D ring for size adjustment ,metal "deco style" front buckle and the infamous early ELLESS zipper stampted "SGDG BREVETE" ." Patented SGDG " stands for without government guarantees , was in France a legal statement releasing the State from liability on the proper effective functioning of the patented device .
This statement was established by the 1844 law that says that patents are issued " without prior examination, at the risk of applicants, and without warranty either reality , novelty or merit of the invention or fidelity or accuracy of the description . " It has disappeared in 1968 .
In Belgium , according to Art . 22 of the invention of Patent Act of 28 March 1984, the principle is still SGDG applicable1,2 .

This text was the invention of Napoleon Bonaparte , according to the Decree of 27 September 18003........ 

Monday, January 5, 2015


Holidays are over,so now i've got a little spare time for picking .This week was really slim,but i was able to get a dead stock ww2 peacoat with original size tag still on and a beat up vietnam UDT blue deck jacket .Starting 2015 on the good foot ....hopefully .Wishing you all an happy new year .

Saturday, December 13, 2014


For another installment of :"what's on the turntable" two in one today : a great original LP and a great cover featuring a pair of LEVI'S .The crazy little mama sports a pair of 701 aka  "LADY LEVI'S".....Before the "dude Ranch" craze pants weren’t considered as an acceptable part of a woman’s wardrobe, let alone a style of pants considered to be men’s workwear.In 1934 LEVI'S created the 701 especially for women working on ranches and farms. Soon after, Levi’s jeans became a popular fashion trend.

The first 30's models,like the 501 Jean of the time,had a cinch back, a curved top block and a wide, straight leg. By the 1950s, the 701 had lost the cinch back but still maintained the distinct high-wasted fit  The zipper fly was first introduced in 1947 to accommodate the brand’s growing popularity, which included "proper women" on the East Coast who thought the button fly was inappropriate for ladies......

Monday, December 8, 2014


So what's on the turntable today !??
It's B.B King's 1957 original first album on Bihari Brothers'"dime store" Crown label.This LP : "singin' the blues" is a compilation of singles issued on the RPM label.Despite their "cheap" production the B.B. King Crown albums became collectors' items due to the high quality of B.B.'s recordings and the eye-catching artwork."Singin' The Blues" was issued as Crown 5020 in the spring of 1957 and featured some of B.B.'s best-loved songs up to that point. The LP included four #1 R&B hits: '3 O'Clock Blues' and 'You Know I Love You' (1952), 'Please Love Me' (1953) and 'You Upset Me Baby' (1954); four other top ten hits; plus 'Blind Love' from 1953 and covers of Tampa Red's 'Crying Won't Help You' (1955) and Gatemouth Moore's 'Did You Ever Love A Woman' from 1956. To fill out the album, a superior alternate take of 'Sweet Little Angel' was added. "Singin' The Blues" issued in 1957 gave the first real indication that B.B. King was destined to be a major star......

Sunday, November 30, 2014

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Finally decided to make "the move"and signed to instagram . I'll be posting there,some random stuff not necessarily clothes related,but also some stuff for sale instead of doing the ebay thing .So stay put and follow me......

Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Jacob Dubow immigrated to the U.S. and established Dubow Glove Co. in Chicago in 1912. The company manufactured work gloves and were popular enough for the company to expand their operations in 1918. This coincided with their foray into the sporting goods market. The company eventually changed its name to J.A. Dubow Mfg. The sporting goods division came into its own in the 1920's and produced some quality baseball gloves. The company was able to gain the endorsements of some of the star baseball players of the day.As a lot of you already know ,the company was part of the war effort producing some of the best looking A2 jackets but also some rare early 50's G-1.....

Yes!!, early 7823 jackets were issued and worn during the Korean war .Today up for your consideration ,here is on of them,a rather rare G1 :the J.A. Dubow Sporting Goods Corp. MIL-J-7823 [aer] from the early 50's.Among flyght jacket collectors Dubow is mostly known  for its great A2 jackets or for its baseball gloves but few people know that the company also had two contracts with the U.S. Navy ,contract NO. N383S-4833A and  NO. N383S-4765A for G-1 jackets.These jackets are fairly rare, so finding an example in good condition is great. The Dubow jacket has a number of unique design features very reminiscent of the M-422a design : long body and very short sleeves, front leather panels wrapping around the jacket so the back is smaller.The wind flap is small and pockets that are far from the zipper.