Sunday, May 22, 2016


Just a short post today featuring what i consider being the best ww2 USN souvenir silk scarf in my collection.Gotta love the bright colors ........

Sunday, April 3, 2016


Those who have been following Riveted for a while,are certainly familiar with the fact that sometimes ,i love to stray away from the vintage clothing related posts and venture to other my other passion : vintage illustrated books.
So today ,after "Manhattan island" illustrated by C&J Ross ,comes "Boston Impressions " profusely illustrated by Naoko Matsubara .

Matsubara was born in 1937 The daughter of a Shint├┤ priest.she graduated at the Design department of Kyoto University of Applied Arts in 1960. After her graduation she met the famous Japanese artist Munakata Shik├┤ and became deeply influenced by him.
Since 1961 she has mainly lived outside Japan, where she both studied and taught at the Pratt Graphic Art Center in New York from 65 to 66. Her position in the history of Japanese woodblock prints was recognized in the exhibition Mokuhan: woodcuts by Munakata and Matsubara at the Art Gallery of Great Victoria in 1976. At the moment she lives in Ontario, Canada.

Saturday, February 27, 2016


today's post is about one of my favorite US Navy tour jacket from the Vietnam war era.Dave,the original owner,was a crew member aboard the USS Rathburne during the conflict and made several deployments in the west Pacific. USS Rathburne (FF 1057) was a frigate, the sixth ship of a new class of modern Ocean Escorts specially designed to screen support forces and convoys and locate and destroy enemy submarines. Rathburne was also equipped and capable of performing such missions as; search and rescue, patrol, evacuation, blockade, and visit and search. 
Rathburne arrived at her home port of Pearl Harbor, Hawaii on 20 July 1970 and spent the remainder of that year and the first quarter of the next engaged in weapons systems' testing and various exercises. On 14 April 1971, she departed Pearl Harbor for a six-month West Pac deployment, returning to Hawaii on 27 October for an extended upkeep period. After a short visit to the west coast in May and June 1972, Rathburne embarked upon her second tour of duty in Western Pacific 31 July 1972. She ended 1972 and began 1973 in the Western Pacific, off the coast of Vietnam, and did not return to Pearl Harbor until 25 February 1973. She remained in the Pearl Harbor area throughout 1973 and working up for her third West Pac deployment with some new ships in company and some new crew members in 1974. The third deployment was from 1 Oct, 1974 to 31 May 1975. Deployment went much the same as the first two deployments with a few exceptions. Evacuation on pull out of Viet Nam.

Friday, January 1, 2016


let's start the new year with a set of my favorite chore jackets .

when one doesn't have the "king of vintage " deep pockets ,one might as well indulge in what the best of the best of the Japanese market has to offer right !? well that is if you're fast enough ,as they always fly off the shelves quiet fast,especially since a wider exposure of turn of the century workwear started. In my humble opinion,here are 2 of the best reproductions, true to fit and fabrics : the railroader from Workers ,this one being the limited edition made before 2013 and the Warehouse version copied from Larry's collection pre Heller's cafe i guess.i didn't forget Freewheeler's jacket ,it's just that i like these 2 better that's all .
wishing you all an happy and prosperous new year filled with great finds ,what ever they are ........