Sunday, February 7, 2010

AN AMERICAN CLASSIC :the hunting/game jacket

Straight from the pages of an old 1917 Ward mail order catalog .A traditional simple and functional hunting jacket .No brand name here, just the product. i've found the exact same jacket featured in a 1909 Sears catalog too.........
The actual jacket.One of the oldest in my collection .It's nice when you're actually able to date,with more or less accuracy, such an item .A classic early 20th century fit with it's narrow shoulder and "A" shape body, still based on the European tailoring techniques and cuts....Note the nice and unusual double compartments frontal pocket......

The pocket's separation has been reinforced by the addition of a leather tab underneath the flap
Old and so fragile celluloid button ..... leather all over the jacket to reinforce it's weakest points....

One might have noticed by now, that MADE IN AMERICA is making a noticeable come back on the fashion scene.Are the good ol' days, when "made in America" or "union made" meant something to the average consumer,back to stay !?? one never knows!? we can only dream.Strange to see though,that some of these "come backs" have been orchestrated by some of the most passionate foreign designers ,either from Japan ,England ,Italy and even the usually very conservative France... let's hope that it's not just another fad and that woolrich ,filson ,duxbak among other iconic figures of the great american garment industry ,are back to stay .


  1. Great finds, great photos, great blog. I would kill for that jacket.



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