Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Today's post will showcase one of my favorite hunting vest .This light weight 2 tones canvas example,dates from the 30's and features the very desirable half moon front game pockets.note the nice back with it's 2 pockets and the early fragile celluloid buttons. a plus for summer days ......

Hettrick Mfg used to advertise a lot in the 60's and into the 70's they called themselves "The World's Largest Manufacturer of Tents".The company started in Toledo Ohio,in the 1900's mostly manufacturing tents awnings and belts for farm machinery.The company later moved to North Carolina. Their "American Field" brand for hunting clothes actually dates back to 1928 when the name was actually trademarked. Even if the company was producing clothes as early as 1917 under "the Hettrick mfg" name only ,and this up to the late 30's, it's only around 1941 that "American field" starts to appear widely on clothes tags.The "Hettrick mfg" brand was then only used on canvas field gears manufactured for the war effort.Hettrick was a major player during ww2 and countless items can still be found all around the country ,web belts ,tents ,canteen covers ,you name it ......


  1. I love those half moon game pockets, too bad they were limited to hunting jackets.


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