Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Featured today,a new addition to the collection :a rare A series G1 .This example belonged to Lieutenant R.O. Beeson who flew Skyraiders for the VAW-12 squadron AKA "the Bats".VAW 12 was a U.S. Navy Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron. Beeson was later with the VAW 33

The bats at work april 1960

VAW 12 first cruise patch

59 cruise 

This special Talon zipper was only used by Ralph Edwards on the 61 A series 

Original VAW 12 patch 

On left side the VAW 33 patch 

This rare pre Viet Nam (1961) "A" series jacket was manufactured by Ralph Edwards Sportswear .Edwards had contract with the Navy from 61 to 64. The 7823A series jackets are probably the rarest of the entire G-1 series and were made by only two manufacturers,the other one being  Irvin Foster . Edwards A series jackets usually have the darkest seal color of all G-1 jackets.As on this example, the goatskin is exceptional; light with lots of grain and character.

This Edwards A series features a rather unique flat pull Talon zipper with the large teeth as seen on later jackets with the "paperclip" pull.It has to be noted that,for both contractors of the A series the zipper was painted black.this being unique to A series and some B series jackets.
As with all pre-1967 jackets the "A" series features high quality goatskin leather, a single ply rib rack waistband, and a real mouton collar. In sum, this is an awesome example of a rare pre Viet Nam 7823A series jacket.....