Monday, November 30, 2009


Barthelemy Spertino 1953 in Algiers.....

On my mother's side of the family Barthelemy Mathias Pierre Spertino ,my grandfather,son of a proud Italian immigrant has always been more of a "dapper Dan" kinda guy than a "mauvais garcon",as his idols were more like Clark Gable and Jean Sablon than Jean Gabin .Speaking of Jean Sablon,the first french crooner and perhaps the original "velvet fog",i've always thought he was its spitting image .... you'll be the judge [check the above video]

Monday, November 23, 2009


Algiers 1930 my grandfather Michel Segui and friends at work straight out of a Chaplin's movie
The Apache ,was the style "en vogue" among men in the first part of the 20th century.Thanks in part,to actors such as Jean Gabin the bad boy of his time .Apaches were Parisian hoodlums, living of gambling,prostitution and petty thefts.They spent most of their time in cafes and "bal musette"where they found easy preys [read women].Their "tools of the trade"were switch blades,brass knuckles and small custom made pocket revolvers.Their uniform,a large colorful and slightly tilted cap,a neckerchief and a sailor's shirt or tank top .....and,i've almost forgotten "le clop" [ the very important cigarette].
Around 1939 in Tunisia with the 4TH Zouaves regiment .He was one of only 2 surviving soldiers, as his entire battalion was,after fierce fighting,decimated by the German .

Today's post will mostly be about pictures ,as they speak by themselves......right !? Thanks to my dad,i was able to get my hands on some great pictures of my grandfather in Algiers back in 1930 .Typical style of the "everyday people" back then and quite stylish nowadays i might say.

Monday, November 9, 2009

THE SIMPLER THE BETTER....Talking about work boots

Ads from a post war sears catalogues.Surplus were plentiful so prices were lowered.....
Nice pair of horsehide work boots with cork sole .A classic look brought back to life by brands such as Redwing and Lonewolf with an insane price tag .I'd rather hunt for a good pair of vintage.

ways been a fan of simplicity and this goes for footwear too .Nothing speaks to me like a beautiful pair of work boots looking good with either, a pair of denims ,cords, chinos or even wool pants .That's why,while on the prowl,i always favor straight lines and colors .today's post will feature one of my favorite pair of horsehide 40's boots .They have that timeless style that still inspires today's designers .Rationing was probably the biggest influence on wartime footwear in the United States Britain and France. The U.S. government at the time conserved leather and rubber among other precious materials for the war effort. The fashion industry was then asked to promote styles that would remain in fashion for a long time, releasing factory space for wartime endeavours. Basically shoppers were"told" to buy high quality clothing and shoes of simple and versatile styles that would last the duration of the war.With the rationing brought upon by the war only leather not suitable for army boots were used for civilian shoe manufacture. Canvas and heavy cottons began to be used for uppers too . Cork and cord were used to make soles mixed with recycled rubber.In Britain clothes were rationed from 1941 to1949 and rubber soles were banned in 1942. In the United States, people were limited to two new pairs of shoes a year. The soles were thinner, and for sports shoes soles were made of plastic or reclaimed rubber. In occupied France, leather shoes could not even be purchased. All shoes were wooden-soled, with uppers of string or fabric.Lucky us the wooden soles were to be "articulated" to ease the pain.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Just found this picture of a 1918 cutter's tag ,sewn on a ww1 dead stock jumper .As i've previously mentioned there was ,to my knowledge,no "official marking" of any kind prior to the late 30's on any US navy enlisted men's clothing. so i guess this is a rare example right !!??

Monday, November 2, 2009

FLAPPERS AND SAILORS....A seaman's scrapbook

The sailor's scrapbook ,untouched ,just the way it was found.............
His sweet heart !??

Gotta love the 20's Louise Brooks hair style.........
Sam's got your back .......nothing has changed.

Nice rendition of the old pea coat.......
Sailors and flappers........

Let's stray away,for once ,from our usual topic: The vintage clothes...Any how ,you'll find today's post in some ways connected of course .While on my weekly hunting trip at my favorite flea market,i try not to limit myself and just look for specific items.Old papers,books ,photos,you name it, i dig them all.That's how,few years ago while emptying an old cardboard box, i came upon this small "note book".It was coming apart and covered with dust and "cheese clothe like" fabric.A sailor's scrapbook from the mid 20's ,that's what it was.A slice of a seaman's life in the 20's.A glance at an overlooked era of what was life in the navy back then.Your average "flea market scrapbook" is all about valentines ,victorian cut outs,or even movie stars.This one is mostly about cartoons and sailor's poetry .....Unusual indeed