Friday, January 1, 2016


let's start the new year with a set of my favorite chore jackets .

when one doesn't have the "king of vintage " deep pockets ,one might as well indulge in what the best of the best of the Japanese market has to offer right !? well that is if you're fast enough ,as they always fly off the shelves quiet fast,especially since a wider exposure of turn of the century workwear started. In my humble opinion,here are 2 of the best reproductions, true to fit and fabrics : the railroader from Workers ,this one being the limited edition made before 2013 and the Warehouse version copied from Larry's collection pre Heller's cafe i guess.i didn't forget Freewheeler's jacket ,it's just that i like these 2 better that's all .
wishing you all an happy and prosperous new year filled with great finds ,what ever they are ........