Wednesday, August 26, 2009


While browsing through family pictures ,I came across an interesting one.It was taken i guess around 1962 and my dad was serving as a"sous officier" for the french army during the Algerian conflict at the time.The french army back then was still using a blend of US surplus, French made uniforms and field started in ww2 with the free french troops of the famous 2nd armored div for example and went on,up until the mid 60's.It's very common to find pictures of french paratroopers in indochina wearing USMC camo.My dad got his hands on a B-15 and a pair of US chino pants.He is wearing them with his officer's beret shaped as a cap .Very Steve Mc queen i might say .......i've always loved that very worm and versatile jacket .This picture is one of the reasons why,i've started to be interested in vintage clothing. I've always loved that B-15.It was also one of the very first piece i've purchased.Upgrading along the years for cleaner more wearable ones .......

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