Tuesday, December 15, 2009


The original 1953 US NAVY VA 155 patch .....
In 1959 changes in the patch's design were made: a rocker,baring the squadron's name and two stripes behind the skull were added ....
Who's Smitty !!?.......
The 50's N4.....

Straight from the vault, another N4 jacket.Even if identical in every detail to a regulation ww2 one,this jacket is most likely from the late 50's early 60's .i was able,more or less accurately,to date this piece as its squadron was very active during the Korean and vietnam conflicts .I will spare you the details but basically this famous US NAVY attack squadron[ VA 155 ]was activated in 1948 the "skull and cobra" baring patch, was first approved in 1953 and transformed to the actual one,as seen on the above jacket,in 1959.As the N4 was superseded by the A2 in the 60's this places our discovery in the later part of the 50's.....One would like to think it was worn by a pilot right !?? well !! it was most likely by a NAVY "deck ape"


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