Tuesday, March 2, 2010

THE REAL DEAL... the WW2 watch cap & 30's cpo shirt

Nice WW2 picture of a crew in the pacific theatre. Almost everything is there...N1,N4,denim shore jacket and pants,white t-shirt and the very desirable watch cap.......
The rare 1930's CPO shirt/jacket ........
Gone fishing....The one and only WW2 watch cap.Be very careful while shopping on ebay,i've seen a bunch of fake tags on 60's caps lately......
This is what you should be looking for on ww2 navy knitwear.......

As much i love Buzz Rickson and their breathtaking repros,i must advise the new comer in the Navy collecting field,to be cautious before taking Rickson's prose as " the word of God".A little research will pay and prove you they're not always right,when reproducing some of the more iconic pieces of vintage. I was a little disappointed when looking at some of their new items .The ww2 watch cap is beautiful .It has the perfect wool color,density,weave and number of seams [6 on top]but has it's most visible feature ,the white tag ,WRONG .In fact all of Navy's knitwear had the same white cotton tag ,with only 2 printed lines:one for the owner's name the other for it's rate.You'll find the same tag on the knitted sweater and mittens too.I guess the foul anchor sales better.As for their 1930's CPO[chief petty officer] shirt ,not all of them had a scalloped flap over the single breast's pocket .In fact there were multiple variations of the single pocket shirt/jacket.I've even seen one without flap.


  1. anytime !! will post some denim related items soon .stay tuned as they say .....

  2. Awesome stuff! i love my 30s cpo shirt. Wear it all the time. Have you ever washed it? I havent, just thrown it in the freezer to kill some smell. any advice?

  3. i've washed all my vintage ones in cold water with woolite [dark colors] with great results, just following the instructions without cutting corners at all.let them dry[open air] on a plastic hanger though.good luck.

  4. do you see OG watch caps go up? i'm trying to hunt one down..


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