Monday, May 3, 2010

STRAIGHT FROM THE VAULT ....another early 20's work shirt

Simplicity is the way to go ......
The lastest Japanese "fixation" a shirt with gussets .....

As a follow up on the chambray post ,here's another "original from chambray" pullover shirt .This one is collarless and has an interesting stripe pattern .Stripped chambray are quite unusual and hard to find indeed.......


  1. that shirt has the best blue ever! i love the how the colors of the shirt and the jeans work together!

  2. See my blog, Unsung Sewing Patterns, for several home sewing patterns for similar shirts. These still show up on ebay now and again, if you've a hankering to DIY, though that pretty striped chambray is going to be a bit hard to find.


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