Monday, September 13, 2010


Ever since Ford first rolled out it's first Model T , Americans have had a love affair with the automobile and with it,the great American adventure was born- The Road Trip .The automobile allowed everyone to travel America's vast distances, move quicker, and further and in the mean time ,create a sense of freedom and adventure. Be it two days, two months, or two years, all Americans have done at least one.
for those of you who follow RIVETED ,you know by now,my obsession with flea market and most of all ,my quest for unsorted vintage photo albums. here's one i've saved lately,from the hands of unscrupulous pickers who's only concern is a quick flip on ebay.
The album dates from 1929 to 1931 and is about friendship ,as it follows these guys from high school to their arrival to west point .Enjoy the ride...


  1. I love those photos !!!!!!!!!!!! old cars, friends, fishing and doing nothing…nothing …

  2. Lucky find, Patrick! the picture of "cossack billings" is priceless cool.

  3. just wish the pics were a little bigger ......

  4. Hello Pat…j'veux bien les contacts de ton pote qui fait les repros de A1…Je craquerais bien pour un modèle cuir sans trop qu'on me pousse…ses cuirs sont beaux, la patine dasn le temps ?…as-t-il un site?
    Concernant tes deux pièces, j'ai un peu peur d'avoir mal, surtout quand j'imagine le prix qu'ils t'ont couté…

  5. Tiens, tiens, c'est bizarre, ils n'ont pas amené de femmes avec eux ? On se demande vraiment pourquoi ????!!! hi hi hi

    ça devait être bien un road trip dans les 30's, des routes à perte de vue, pas de bouchons, que du bonheur. Les photos sont fantastiques.

  6. hey mama!!
    actually,in rural California most of the places you see here haven't change that much. as for the girls,the beginning of the album shows the gang with the girlfriends in "flappers" enough not to ask them to tag along.....


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