Monday, January 10, 2011

"ON A MISSION FOR GOD" ... is this the ultimate workwear !??

I must admit,this piece was hard to photograph,because of its length and all its different nuances in the indigo.This piece was purchased 15 years ago,as part of the estate of a Belgian nun.The nun moved to the US in the early 1900's and her estate was packed with hand stitched linens, embroidered ribbons ,tapestries and antique laces.I remember people fighting that day,when they opened her storage unit ,but nobody wanted the tunic ... lucky me .This beautiful tunic is made of multiple pieces of indigo died linen and was probably used for work,hence its multiple hand made repairs . it's definitely cut to be worn over some other garment ,like a coverall/apron.Is this the ultimate workwear or what !!??


  1. incredible !!!!!!!!!I was just talking about my last ebay action with mose… similar indigo linen pants…
    I will do a post on after the sale… tomorrow morning…

  2. the beauty of the linen is incredible and the indigo color is way deeper certainly better in person.....


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