Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Today's post is about a 1900's chore jacket from the Kuttnauer company.This deep indigo light canvas beauty, was in a NOS condition when i've got it 10 years ago .All its shank buttons were gone,so i replaced them with period correct ones, for that " railroad engineer look " i like.....

MILTON KUTTNAUER was born in March 18, 1875 in Detroit,son of a German immigrant LOUIS KUTTNAUER. Louis Kuttnauer ,Milton's father,was fifteen years old when he came from Germany to the United States.In 1867 he established his permanent home in Detroit were he founded his business engaging in the manufacturing of cigars. He finally sold this prosperous business and turned his attention to wholesale dealing of tobacco leaves,
Milton's early education was obtained in the public schools of Detroit and among his first business experiences he was in the wholesale trade in men's furnishing goods. Kuttnauer Apron Specialties Company,which later became Samuel Kuttnauer & bros,had its manufacturing and executive headquarters established originally at 2442 Riopelle street and later moved to west Jefferson Ave. The company was focusing on the manufacturing of men's aprons,chore jackets, bakers and chefs' shop caps and coats . Milton developed a large and prosperous business, becoming one of the leading manufacturer of the kind in the country back in the early 1900's employing over 80 skilled men and women in his factory in the 20's...... 


  1. Really great piece Patrick! What hat and sneekers have you teamed this up with?

  2. it's a ww2 USN officer's hat .just got rid of all the reinforcements inside for that crushed are vintage Keds....

  3. great jacket and good information always, your pix are top notch!!! Kevin

  4. Hi Patrick - Do you have an email address just want to ask you something - new to blogger but been checking your page for ages now! Cheers, Abel

  5. i do.... leave me yours and i'll get in touch asap.....i'll delete yours for privacy


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