Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Here's is a recent find : Another early 1944 first model N-1 .This fine "battle tested" example, is the link between the last blue deck [aka M43] and the first N-1 featured in one of my former posts.It's the missing link because it still retains the large US. NAVY stenciled on the back with reflective paint.This stencil disappeared mid 1944 leaving the back panel blank .My guess is, it was probably suppressed  because of it's lack of contrast and visibility during day light....

BTW to all of you USN enthusiasts that are constantly re blogging my pictures on their "monetized blog",a little plug/link/mention of the original source is greatly appreciated ,as i do this for free and it takes time ....thx for following 


  1. Super! Thank you for doing this blog and publish a very interesting history...!!!

  2. Hey I just got myself a second deck jacket but I was wondering if I could send you some pics and you can drop some knowledge on me about it's age and any other cool facts? It's odd to me because it doesn't have the nxsx tag but a talon zipper. Let me know. thanks!


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