Sunday, May 19, 2013


During the 1960s, Playboy magazine employed some of the best cartoonists around at the time… Eldon Dedini, Gahan Wilson, Jack Cole, Doug Sneyd and today's featured artist ....Erich Sokol and his remarkable ability to caricature…
Sokol (1933-2009) was a talented Austrian cartoonist best known for his humorous and often sexist cartoons published in Playboy. His use of light, atmosphere and color brought to life even the smallest of his works. Sokol was arguably the most gifted artist who ever worked for Playboy, with a keen eye for all of the elements of good drawing- composition, clear silhouettes in the great tradition of Ben Shann and David stone Martin to name a few . Just like his forerunners his drawings had an interesting staging and a keen sense of light and shade. There’s a lot to be learned from his masterful cartoons. His style evolved as time went by, and his images became more and more beautiful.....

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