Sunday, January 26, 2014


Today's post ,as it's a comfy 60 deg. here in SF,is mostly oriented toward our friends, victims or the infamous "polar vortex". This beauty as left the RIVETED collection few weeks ago,as i hardly wear such an "heavy" piece here anymore .I hope it'll help its new owner to stay warm and enjoy its simplicity and versatility ...... 

 Utah Woolen Mills was originally started by the Lloyd family in 1905.

In the early 1920′s, Briant Stringham and his father Henry, began to buy into the company .they saw a potential for manufacturing woolen goods other than the traditional blankets that were originally produced at the factory and started to diversify its prod. It's under the brand name "Jack Frost" that the launched their operation. socks,beanies, gloves ,coats you name them they made them .
 Henry Stringham was the son of an original Utah Pioneer who entered the valley on July 24th of 1847. Briant Jr. bought out the rest of the family shares  in the late 1970′s and is currently the majority owner.

Now in its fifth generation, Utah Woolen Mills that has "Clothiers" attached to the brand is continuing the family tradition. Briant Jr. is now the chairman of the board and his son, Bart, is the President of the Company mostly functioning as a high end retail/custom tailoring store ....

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