Saturday, December 13, 2014


For another installment of :"what's on the turntable" two in one today : a great original LP and a great cover featuring a pair of LEVI'S .The crazy little mama sports a pair of 701 aka  "LADY LEVI'S".....Before the "dude Ranch" craze pants weren’t considered as an acceptable part of a woman’s wardrobe, let alone a style of pants considered to be men’s workwear.In 1934 LEVI'S created the 701 especially for women working on ranches and farms. Soon after, Levi’s jeans became a popular fashion trend.

The first 30's models,like the 501 Jean of the time,had a cinch back, a curved top block and a wide, straight leg. By the 1950s, the 701 had lost the cinch back but still maintained the distinct high-wasted fit  The zipper fly was first introduced in 1947 to accommodate the brand’s growing popularity, which included "proper women" on the East Coast who thought the button fly was inappropriate for ladies......

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