Friday, January 16, 2015


I know some of you like to "geek out" on early zippers ,so today's post will feature a nice 30's example on an early French "cycliste" jacket.This type of jacket,is often associated,by militaria collectors,with German pilots during WW2. when found in calf or cowhide that is. Though leather and moleskin jackets from that era are still not too hard to find ,it's a little bit trickier to get ones hands on a nice canvas example....

This particular model was found deadstock 15 years ago and bares all the desirable details such as:bakelite buttons,D ring for size adjustment ,metal "deco style" front buckle and the infamous early ELLESS zipper stampted "SGDG BREVETE" ." Patented SGDG " stands for without government guarantees , was in France a legal statement releasing the State from liability on the proper effective functioning of the patented device .
This statement was established by the 1844 law that says that patents are issued " without prior examination, at the risk of applicants, and without warranty either reality , novelty or merit of the invention or fidelity or accuracy of the description . " It has disappeared in 1968 .
In Belgium , according to Art . 22 of the invention of Patent Act of 28 March 1984, the principle is still SGDG applicable1,2 .

This text was the invention of Napoleon Bonaparte , according to the Decree of 27 September 18003........ 

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