Monday, June 29, 2015


For those of you who have been following the blog for a while ,you might remember that a little over 4 years ago ,i came up with a very limited run of silk screened t shirts that ,thx to friends and enthusiastic customers ,sold quite fast . 

This time ,even if the general idea is basically the same :making some shirts that "could have been", I wanted a more authentic feel ,so i gave it a twist .Each design is hand printed using old paints and brushes on a recycled used shirt carefully selected for its feel and look in order to achieve that "been there done that" look of a customized field made shirt .
Four themes were developed for that project:USN,USMC,AAF and hot rod all inspired by real vintage pieces from my personal collection.Every shirt was printed differently also ,some monochrome ,some 2 tones ,some front and back mixing some designs in the process.As always the more you're gonna wash them the better they'll look .

This time, i've decided,that the collection will be sold uniquely through what i consider to be the best vintage store in SF period :RELIC VINTAGE.
I'm pleased to have the collection featured in such a great place ,for my good buddy Oran Scott ,owner of the store,has been very supportive of the project from the beginning.
So,for those of you interested ,don't hesitate to get in touch with Oran or his lovely staff for the lowdown on that little project of mine .

and forget to ask for the RVETED T-SHIRTS

they can be reached at:
relicvintage on instagram or on their facebook page 
phone #: 415-255-7460 
hurry up ...... 

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