Sunday, August 30, 2015

THE B SIDE .....

left regular early cotton cloth shell ,on the right the EZ twill version

Just like sometimes with a good old 45Rpm record,the B side is more exiting than the A one .I'd say this is the case with today's post .Featured today,alongside a 1944 issued B-15 is a newly acquired beauty, that'll get a place of choice in the "Riveted vault"

This jacket by METRO SPORTSWEAR of NY ,was made of the most desirable "EZ twill clothe" .EZ stands for: end zone twill ,a fabric made off 100% cotton and 100% rayon with a shiny appearance .This twill was created by Hirsch-Werner, Inc. and was formerly used in the manufacturing of football pants because of its extreme durability and strength. When the B-15 was introduced, 9 months after the B-10,at the beginning the EZ Twill was only used as a trim on stress and heavy-wear areas of the lining.As the original cotton twill used on the former B-10 and the newly issued B-15 ,revealed to be too weak and fragile,METRO, alongside few other manufacturers, received contracts for some of their entire production of B-15 to be made completely of End-Zone Twill.

today's jacket is one of them and was issued to a pilot or crew of a B29 flying fortress part of the  357th bomb squadron very heavy part of the 331st bomber group 20th AF.Mission of the squadron was the strategic bombardment of the Japanese Home Islands. the squadron based on Guam entered  combat on 16 June 1945 with a bombing raid against an airfield on Mo en. Flew first mission against the Japanese home islands on 26 June 1945 and afterwards operated principally against the enemy's petroleum industry. Flew primarily low-level, fast attacks at night using a mixture of high-explosive and incendiary bombs to attack targets.

Flew last combat mission on 15 August 1945, later flew in "Show of Force" mission on 2 September 1945 over Tokyo Bay during formal Japanese Surrender. Inactivated on Guam 15 April 1946, personnel returned to the United States and aircraft sent to storage in Southwest United States.

Some copies of original specifications of the B-15 sent to the manufacturers .....................

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