Thursday, September 22, 2016


What a great surprise to mark the 6th year anniversary of the Riveted blog,my long time friend and creative designer at Muller & Bros Japan :Stephane Muller just sent me that great pair of denim pants....
For those of you who still follow this blog,you know that i almost never post about new brands,mostly because some other blogs do it better and i'm more about the original thing to begin with,but i must admit that ,for once,i had a change of mind .Why !? well i'd say because  these are a beaut. and are what i've been waiting for ,for a long time coming from a new brand i mean.So I had to share them as an exclusive.
 From the get go, i'll tell you they are what i'll call your " real men's jeans" .So you low crotch metrosexual,skinny girlfriend's pre distressed JCrew lovers ,should stray away from them "cause you won't like and deserve them.
Muller's jeans are made of  14,5 oz Nihonmenp selvage denim the way they should ,giving you that perfect 30's / 40's silhouettes that we all emulate .inspired by ww2 war effort production ,these have all the bells and whistles that one might expect without being over the top Christmas tree looking,like some Japanese products can sometimes be .i'd say sober yet sturdy .i'll let you know more about them and Stephane soon ,as i have to give them a soak first ......

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