Friday, April 9, 2010


In the 80's back from London with some goodies ready to spin.....

In the mid 80's,the loss of the French government's monopole over the air waves and FM band ,saw a plethora of so called :"free radio "emerging from every corner/region of the country .We went from the best ,to the worst.I guess we've heard it all then.It was a little bit chaotic and amateurish to say the least.Everybody wanted a piece of the pie.I was living in the south at the time and my buddy PASCAL FABIANI [a young doctor at the time] and i couldn't get enough of our favorite music on the air waves.So we decided to approach one of these radios in Cannes,to see if they were willing to let us spin some "good ol' rockabilly platters" .Well !!our one hour weekly show, lasted one year and the small local radio was sold to a bigger one. The rest is just history ......

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