Thursday, April 8, 2010


An issue dated 1954 .Life on the trail .Gotta love that "branded" pair of 501 hanging from the chuck wagon .....
The July 1947 issue features on its cover a nice 506 jacket.Men are wearing the first 501 with concealed rivets with the now gone back strap ....Lots of male hormones indeed

While looking for old illustrated ads in my old magazine collection , i came upon 2 great covers featuring men in LEVI'S.
True, aka True, The Man's Magazine, was published by Fawcett Publications from 1937 until 1974. Petersen Publishing took over in 1975 and sold it to Magazine Associates in August of the same year. Publication ceased shortly afterward.
High adventure, the great outdoors ,sports profiles and humor pieces were your basic articles. It was packed with ads about guns ,booze and shoes....mucho macho!!


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