Thursday, June 17, 2010


About 10 years ago while at my favorite flea market in Florida, i came upon a big cardboard box filled with vintage matchbook covers .It was the vendor's life time collection.At the beginning i just wanted to get one or two,but quickly realised cherry picking was ridiculous, as they were all amazing.Today ,following with my Navy fixation, i've decided to post some of the USN related ones be continued of course.
From the 1920s to the 1950s,The give-away matchbook was one of the cheapest and most effective way ever found of putting promotional images into the hands of the public.The small advertising gimmick spread like "wildfire" into the pockets of millions of Americans. . Small and disposable, matchbooks were not only a highly successful marketing tool for a wide variety of products, they were also a great outlet for creativity and for legions of artists to make a living. Bathing beauties, regal leisure, and tropical locales adorned the covers, as did hand-lettered typography, stylized illustration, and eye-catching color....


  1. Salut à toi l'ami, une petite pensée francaise,je viens de recevoir un peacoat taille 36r, enfin ma taille!!qui dit peacoat, dit riveted...
    See you soon!!

  2. howdy!!...c'est pas trop de saison non !!? y va falloire que tu attendes l'hiver ca va etre dur de resister........enjoy

  3. le temps d'enlever les jolis boutons dorés et de trouver et de mettre, à nouveau, de jolis boutons bleus , de virer les épaulettes, de passer au pressing, la vie d'un pea coat d'occas. quoi...


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