Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Boys will be boys .....
During the mid 60's,on both sides of the Atlantic ,boys were fed with Hollywood cowboy and war movies and all the merchandising coming along.It's a given that ,more or less at some point in time ,we've all read or seen the same comics,movies or TV shows .Who said globalisation was a new concept!???
 Dell Comics was the comic book publishing side of Dell Publishing, which started via pulp magazines. The company published comics from 1929 up to 1973. At its peak being the most successful American company selling 26 million copies each month in the 50's.The 60's saw increased competition for the company .Dell Comics continued for another 11 years with licensed television and motion picture adaptations including: Mission Impossible, Ben Casey and Combat  among the few long lasting series from this time. Combat had 40 issues and was my favorite. Toward the end Dell tried to publish some lame superhero titles and their version of trio the Universal Pictures monsters Frankenstein, Dracula and Werewolf .these are so ridiculous that they're a must have.....
Dell Comics finally ceased publication in 1973, with a few of its former titles moving to Gold Key Comics.


  1. I've got that Monte Cassino issue! Cool stuff bud!

  2. it's clear that pop art took a lot from these..

  3. It's no wonder we grew up to all like the same things, fantastic offering Patrick.


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