Monday, July 11, 2011


The first Golden Books were published in 1942 by Simon and Schuster in cooperation with the Artist and Writers Guild.
 Initially, twelve different, 24-page, books were published. While the cover art varied, all the books were the same small size, hardbound, with like binding, and priced at 25¢. Golden Books history stretches over 60 years and over two billion Little Golden Books printed!
The success of the first Little Golden Books paved the way for others.In 1941, children’s books normally sold for two or three dollars, which made them a luxury for many families. Little Golden Books were created as an affordable alternative but it also spawned a new market for animation storyboarders, layout artists, animators, color stylists and others to express themselves creatively while earning some money on the side.The list of authors and illustrators involved in Golden Books is impressive and includes myriad of Disney artists too. In 1958, Simon and Schuster sold its interest in Little Golden Books to Western.
Ownership and control of the series has changed several times since. In 2001, Random House acquired Golden Books for about 85 million dollars.
.It's a given that Little Golden Books have captured the hearts of young children and adults.


  1. Great post. And great titles you have there.
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