Monday, November 28, 2011


Matt the man Strickland of RIVET HEAD fame

my man John aka PAPA NUI


well! my buddies and early supporters of the project,Matt and John ,took the time to take some cool pictures sporting their new favorite RIVETED shirt .I need you to do the same ......Come on people !! i'd like to get some more to post them on the blog.M&J have set the standard so you know what to do right !??.....  


  1. Hey! We're finally famous!!! Thanks again for the killer a L of the next design for me.

  2. And save a felix in small size for me !!! Please !!!

    Wow killer pics ! The third pic with John is just indecent ha ha ha !!!

  3. Bah humbug Big Mama! That pretty boy is my offspring, where the hell do you think he got his good looks from! He's a chip off the block.
    Patrick keep the designs flowing there's a shit load of great reference out there and im loving your approach! When i first discovered the Real McCoys back in the early '90's they were into some great stuff, capturing a really authentic military feel, then they went all fancy on the t-shirt designs and it ended up looking like the Cockpit. Its great that yours have captured the ulitity of those crude WWII originals that Ive always loved.

  4. thx PAPA .the ideas are here alright , it's the money that is not .....i'll try to deliver before xmas

  5. Wow, these look great. Put me down for two mediums!

  6. @ Papa Nui : Ha ha ha !!! i speak about the third pic not the fourth. I didn't notice the pic with the youngster. Sorry i was too much focus on the indecent pic with arms up ha ha ha !!!

    @Patrick : Quel succès, ça déchire !!!

  7. oui mais pas tres lucratif pour l'instant ....

  8. Preorders? Can't wait for the next one!

  9. Pas très lucratif ?
    Si tu fais des smalls je peux t'avancer son prix.


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