Friday, December 2, 2011

THE FIRST AND THE LAST...US NAVY N1 deck jacket update

stenciled back on this first model N1

detail shows the alpaca lining going up to the end of the cuff 

extra stitching on the sleeves

loop on the inside waist

underarm loop

this example has two,shield like "tactical markings" painted on the sleeves .don't know  what they mean...

early 1944 NXsx tag

from left to right :M43 TALON zipper,used on the last blue deck jacket and the first green N1.the middle one is a M44 TALON,as used late WW2 up to Korean war .the last is the M47 seen and used up to the end......

60's tag as featured on the last runs

Today's post will focus on one of the most popular jacket on the auction blog nowadays :The US NAVY N1 deck jacket.
Even if the last of the blue deck jacket the M43 model can be considered, by some ,as the first N1 as it was the blueprint of the iconic jacket,the real N1 [green] saw it's first production in the first month of 1944 and saw action during D DAY along the coasts of Normandy.For a very brief period it was manufactured retaining all the details featured on the blue M43 :alpaca lining to the end of the cuffs, extra stitching on the sleeves and additional loops on the inside at the waist and underarms .These details disappeared fast,perhaps for material conservation,making this first N1 quite rare and for D DAY USN collectors a must have in any condition.  Pictures above ,also show one of the last N1 manufactured in the 60's,before the jacket was replaced by the A2 deck jacket.....


  1. This is a wonderful jacket. I have been looking for one for a long time but can't find one that fits. I am travelling to New York next week and was wondering if you knew anywhere where I could get my hands on one?!
    Many thanks

  2. Hi Patrick and thanks for a nice and interesting blog. The N-1 is a great jacket. I've been looking for one for quite a while now. But Sweden is not the best place to find them. I have been looking at the N-1 from Mr Freedom (favourite), Buzz Rickson & Neighborhood, but they are out of my budget range. I've seen a few "noname" brands on Rakuten, but can't make my mind up on them. The disadvantage with Japanese makers is that many of them don't make their goods in larger sizes such as XL and XXL. So I'll keep searching.
    One again thank's for all info...

    1. I have a great jacket for ya. $225 US. Great story behind it. Interested?

  3. Hello Mr Segui

    I've a N1 with NXsx74682 tag, "external" cuffs (no double stitch) and Conmar zip with leather. Is it an early post-war model?

  4. Looks like you're late July 1944:

    71083 Jul 1944
    74718 Aug 1944
    77162 Sep 1944

  5. Hi. Great info. I recently picked up a mint N-1 with an M-44 Talon zipper. The contract is NXsx 93427. Can you date it ? Mnny thanks,


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