Monday, December 26, 2011


today i've decided to stop and take time to take pictures of my favorite San Francisco mural .it was quite a challenge because the actual mural is now on private property and on a very busy street that rarely sees pedestrians because of traffic.the mural was executed in 1936 by Don Clever and restored in 1999 for our enjoyment........

Don was a self taught Canadian born artist who moved in the US in 1920 .he settled in SF where he spent most of his life ......Don Clever died in 2001


  1. Great stuff Patrick! Come to Detroit to see the Diego Rivera mural some time!

  2. i wish....what's sad about this one is that nobody really cares and it starts to deteriorate on the sides ....

  3. I care, I live near this mural and love it! Unfortunately some idiot tagged it last night. I've contacted the artist's daughter to let her know.


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