Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Howdy faithful followers!! been off the blog for a while now but before leaving for a well deserved break,i just wanted to share my latest find.No bragging here at all, it's just that it still amazes me that nowadays ,with the ever growing number of ebay iphone holding shoppers,informed neophytes and fortune seekers,such a find was still possible and a such a ridiculous price, that you'll think i'm lying .I know it's rough but with time on my hands this winter,or maybe the help of the "tailors" at the LEVI's store here in SF,it'll get some extra mileage .....


  1. haha nice! that' a Real Thrift Score!...

  2. Hey man, would you be into a trade?
    Was thinking maybe that WW1 USN CPO??
    just a thought? I WANA WEAR THIS!!

  3. Hi Mr Segui

    did you manage to find some time to repair this beauty?
    Got my hands on a 506 xx lined (not a bargain but definitely cheaper than usual) and would love to get some of your experience before launching anything...

  4. unfortunately not having enough time right now ....might take it to le Levi's store and document the process for the fun of it ....we'll see


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