Thursday, August 30, 2012


Today's post will be about the 1940 US Army Blue Denim Work jacket .2 different examples here, the zinc button one being the earliest....

But first ,a little history about military denim,if i may !?....
The first blue denim uniform, was adopted as standard work clothing by the US Army in 1919.prior to this date,brown was the color of choice and the 2 pieces uniform was either made of denim or light duck fabric with no real standardisation back then. The top was a jumper,pullover style and the trousers had five patch pockets and a belted back. In addition to it,around 1933,a denim coverall was to be manufactured to be used by mechanics only .these being the forerunners of the HBT version that will appear in 1938.
After multiple complaints about the pullover shirts being unpractical to wear and the fact that they often ripped down the front ,as the cargo pockets were caught on things during chores or field maneuvers,the Army decided it was time for a change.The buttoned down blue denim jacket  was adopted in 1940.As per regulation the jacket was to be worn with its collar closed ....
At the same time the blue denim trousers,as part of the uniform,were simplified,by using the same pattern as the khaki summer trousers.The blue denim "Daisy Mae" hat was still part of the uniform but was produced with white stitching instead of blue as found on earlier models[a good way to date if tag is gone]. The denim uniform was replaced in 1941 by the first HBT 2 pieces uniform ....
Even if the replacement was standardized,the denim uniforms was still issued until supplies run dry. It was mostly seen at the beginning of ww2 often worn on drill or chore duties in the US and also was issued to POW..... 


  1. Salut Patrick,
    penses-tu que les marquages soient d'époque sur la casquette de mon dernier post, j'ai des micros doutes à dissiper...


  2. debut 90's y'a un gros lot de daisy mae qui a surgis d'Angleterre en fait elles on ete retaillees en casquettes car elle ne se vendait pas .a la meme epoque les marquages PW ou POW etaient tres en vogue au Japon ....ça sent la bidouille de la meme periode .remarque ,tout est possible mais je trouve les marquages trop nets pour du PW .tout ce que j'ai eu entre les mains etait tjs bien "rough"

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