Tuesday, November 13, 2012


typical early 2 pockets bib ,later model from the mid 40's to 70's having a single front pocket with snap closure 

remnants of the stitching holding the pocket flasher 

matching back pocket flasher from the 30's courtesy of my buddy Mike Hersh from the famous "union made" blog ....by the way this talented designer is currently looking for a job so don't hesitate to contact him via his blog...

Just got these at my friend's store "static" here in SF .This pair of late 30's early 40's overalls were in such a great shape and a perfect fit to boot,that i couldn't resist....

Washington Manufacturing co. from Nashville, was a privately held firm trade marked in 1922 .Like many clothing companies emerging from the south back then,it was never unionised.By the end of World War II Washington Manufacturing was one of the largest apparel companies in the South. It owned more than a dozen manufacturing plants, most of which were located in small towns across the South. Among its major brands were Dee Cee brand work clothing, Deer Creek sportswear and Happy Jack and Happy Jill children’s clothes. Washington Manufacturing purchased Nashville's Cummins Station in the 1940s and kept it until the 1980s. The Nashville-based firm used the building mostly to warehouse fabric for
their other factories.... Washington Mfg co. signed for bankruptcy in 1992

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  1. I just stumbled on this post while doing some research on a Dee Cee western shirt. Great info on the company! Thanks for posting!

    ~ Didi


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