Tuesday, November 6, 2012


All decked out in 40's L.L. Bean and ready to fight the elements .The jacket is rather simple and retains the narrow shoulders look typical of the early jackets.It was found in an almost dead stock condition .Nice unmarked early celluloid buttons,Talon zipped breast pocket and underarms metal grommets .The tote bag is from the late 30's and was customized with leather letters by it's former owner [most likely his initials].the duck hunting boots are from the 40's and the hat from the stormy kromer co.


  1. Very nice Patrick, that LL Bean pattern has been around a long time it would seem. Did they use that signature through till the 60's?

  2. Hello Patrick,
    Hope all is well. I'm Wonwoo Lee a photographer in SF.
    I just got an assignment from a Korean fashion mag. Can I have some interview and pictures of you?
    Please let me know. My email address is wonugraphy@gmail.com

    Wonwoo Lee


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