Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Jacob Dubow immigrated to the U.S. and established Dubow Glove Co. in Chicago in 1912. The company manufactured work gloves and were popular enough for the company to expand their operations in 1918. This coincided with their foray into the sporting goods market. The company eventually changed its name to J.A. Dubow Mfg. The sporting goods division came into its own in the 1920's and produced some quality baseball gloves. The company was able to gain the endorsements of some of the star baseball players of the day.As a lot of you already know ,the company was part of the war effort producing some of the best looking A2 jackets but also some rare early 50's G-1.....

Yes!!, early 7823 jackets were issued and worn during the Korean war .Today up for your consideration ,here is on of them,a rather rare G1 :the J.A. Dubow Sporting Goods Corp. MIL-J-7823 [aer] from the early 50's.Among flyght jacket collectors Dubow is mostly known  for its great A2 jackets or for its baseball gloves but few people know that the company also had two contracts with the U.S. Navy ,contract NO. N383S-4833A and  NO. N383S-4765A for G-1 jackets.These jackets are fairly rare, so finding an example in good condition is great. The Dubow jacket has a number of unique design features very reminiscent of the M-422a design : long body and very short sleeves, front leather panels wrapping around the jacket so the back is smaller.The wind flap is small and pockets that are far from the zipper.

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