Friday, February 27, 2015


Early field &stream logo 

30's Talon zipper before the "shield"

real bakelite buttons on cuffs and pockets 

2  generous "cargo" like pockets on the front .no hand warmers here 

seal brown veg tanned goatskin 

Today is all about a seal brown goatskin jacket straight from the 30's,dubbed as a  "leather windbraker'  by the Gordon & Ferguson company under its Field & stream brand.....

G&F operated in St. Paul, Minnesota and was at the beginning specialized in manufacturing fur clothings. Richards Gordon (1829-1911) began operations in 1871, taking on Paul D. Ferguson (1850-1905) as partner two years later. Gordon & Ferguson was incorporated in 1902 and was subsequently renamed Gordon & Ferguson, Inc. As most leather manufacturers during ww2 ,G&F was part of the war effort and under 3 different contracts for the Navy ,produced what are in my humble opinion, the best M422a jackets .The company's product lines included Field & Stream and Town & Country. In 1964, the Herman K. Lavin Company, also a St. Paul clothing manufacturer, purchased Gordon & Ferguson. By the late 1990s, some product lines were continued by the Field & Stream Apparel Company....

the way it should fit 

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