Wednesday, June 22, 2016


Today's post is about another pair of early 1900's overalls by the very elusive Peabodys Co. of Walkerville Canada .Beside numerous articles about a ww1 terrorist attack on the factory by a German. Beside the fact that in the 20's and 30's the name seams to be associate with different brands, who most likely bought it ,not much surfaced while look for infos about the Company.....

The Peabodys company was once located in Walkerville where its building was a landmark for many years even after a WW1 attack on it.
The building first housed the Peabodys Leather Label Overall Company, which produced the famous Peabodys brand overalls, known by the shiny buckles on their shoulder straps. During World War I, the company manufactured uniforms for the British Army. The company had only been in business a few years when American-based German sympathizers tried to blow up the building on June 21, 1915.

The sympathizers placed a bomb in a hole under the building, next to the old wooden Peabody Bridge. The framework on one side of the bridge was blown away, and the other side was twisted and bent; the concrete crumbled to powder. The force of the explosion also was strong enough to blow out every window in the building.The company left the area.Repairs were made, and the building went on to live a long life, becoming the starting place of several companies.  

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