Sunday, July 4, 2010


Strange to see how some people will spend hundreds of $$$ for artificially distressed clothing but will refuse to spend way less for an original piece and i'm not talking in consideration the size factor here.....well !!good for me i must say,as i can still get my hands on some descent sweat shirts ......Sweatshirts were made of cotton, which is the "bloom" of a cotton plant. At maturity, the cotton is picked from the stalks, the seeds removed, and then processed for making cotton thread, from which the fabric is then woven. The "legend" says that ,the sweatshirt was invented in the early 1900's by Russell Corporation of Alexander City, Alabama when the owner Ben Russell's son complained that wool shirts used in football practice were uncomfortable. Russell then modified a version of an undergarment into the earliest form of the sweatshirt.As far as i can remember in my years of collecting and sorting vintage clothes, the early version from the 20's were mostly straight crew neck shirts ,the infamous "V" designed to assure a tight fit, appeared later in the late 30's .One says that the hooded sweatshirt,was invented in New York by Champion sportswear in the 1930s. It was for people working in cold warehouses.........



  1. Right on! Spoke about it not too long ago. Check it out.


  2. we're obviously surfing the same wave .funny to see all these "hipsters"posing in there newly acquired outfits .for years the old Japanese saying :"copy is the highest form of flattery"has just been an excuse to mask a lack of creativity and imagination .it's the same in the art world, as i've had some of my original designs ripped off lately. beleive me , there's not that much i can do about it.the internet is a double edge sword, i mean by that ,you're on it for you want to share your work an passion with all of us ,but it's also packed with pseudo designers shopping for ideas .there's even a guy who's signed as my blog "follower" who's picking my pictures for his own blog without asking or having the common courtesy of telling about his source .what's a man to do !???
    love the "sons of savage" it's going to be my new weekly read.
    thanks for the great post Chris

  3. tout cela fini par étre vraiment ridicule, effectivement.
    RRL à sorti l'année derniére il me semble un Chino, troué, taché d'huile à un prix faisant rougir même un accro de real mc coy!! une vrai rigolade...

  4. je me demande tjs qui finit par les acheter.en fait RRL a part quelques wannabes sur L.A ,NY qui se la petent et le Japon uniquement parceque c'est Ricain,ca marche pas trop.....


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