Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Last week,was the beginning of a "small scale" spring cleaning,as i had to make room for new books to come....well !! here's one my latest troves:" THE TATTOOED SAILOR" by Andre Francois . As totally in sync with my nautical obsession, i couldn't resist and decided to share this 1952 nugget with you on "RIVETED"....
André François (November 9, 1915 – April 11, 2005), born André Farkas, was a Hungarian-born French cartoonist.He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest and moved to Paris in 1934 worked with the famous poster artist Adolphe Cassandre (1935-36). He became a French citizen in 1939 just before ww2.
Francois worked as a painter, sculptor and graphic designer, but is best remembered for his cartoons widely influenced by those of Saul Steinberg. François initially worked for French leftist newspapers (Le Nouvel Observateur) and illustrated books by authors such as Jacques Prévert, but gradually reached a larger audience, publishing in leading magazines of the United Kingdom (Punch) and the United States (The New Yorker). He became a close friend and collaborator of Ronald Searle......


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