Thursday, July 22, 2010


I'got rid of some 50's risque magz today ,to make room for some new books.Before doing so, i've decided to take the time to document some of my favorite ads for you to enjoy .I think they speak by themselves right !!?......... the first "nudy" magazine appeared in France,no wonder!! the new kind of magazines featured nude and semi-nude burlesque actresses who were hired as models for photographs displayed on the cover and throughout the publication. While these would now be termed softcore, they were quite shocking for the time. The publications soon either masqueraded as "art magazines" or publications celebrating the new cult of naturism, with titles such as Photo Bits, Body in Art, Figure Photography, Nude Living and Modern Art for Men.
Another early form of pornography were comic books known as Tijuana bibles that began appearing in the U.S. in the 1920s and lasted until the publishing of glossy colour men's magazines commenced. These were crude hand drawn scenes often using popular characters from cartoons and culture.Original examples are rare and highly collectable.

In the 1940s, the word "pinup" describes pictures torn from men's magazines and calendars and "pinned up" on the wall by U.S. soldiers in World War II. While the '40s images focused mostly on legs, by the '50s, the emphasis shifted to breasts. Betty Grable Betty Page and Marilyn Monroe were some of the most popular pinup models.


  1. Ah the Tijuana Bible !!! A whole programm !!! hi hi hi hi

  2. what about the shoes !?? forget Louboutin.........

  3. I excatly think about Louboutin's pigalle heels at the first sight. Loubou and also Galliano take their inspiration directly from these books and the 50's. So easy for them when greats artists as Willie done all the work before ;)

    Anyway, about Tijuana Bible. I've saw a Tijuana reprint in a book store in the "men departement" ah ah ah ah but 2 guys look at me, i was so confused that i quite, when i come back few days after, of course the 3 samples were already sale. Stupid stupid stupid girl i am ha ha ha !!! now if i want it i must paid international shipping cost. Pfff...

    I'm so nostalgic when i realize how could be subversive the 50's culture in certain sphere. when i read testimonies in bizarre or exotic mags it's like a fun liberty wind that blows on puritanism. hi hi hi hi i love subversion.


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