Monday, August 9, 2010


The front of the shirt featuring the standardized [machine cut] stencil.......
The back and it's spectacular custom made "blue on white" stencil.....

First, i was a little reluctant to do this post, as i know how "pseudo designers" are abundantly shopping for ideas on the net and are struck by sudden amnesia ,when it's time to cite their sources or at least post a link out of courtesy ......well!! what are you gonna do !??
This rare example was from the estate of a former seabee,who fought in the pacific during ww2,unfortunately nothing else is known about it's former owner.The shirt ,most definitely game used, is in a rough shape and almost "baked" under the arms ...way too fragile to be worn . So i think i'm going to make myself a copy ,just for the fun of it and who knows !?,perhaps start a short run on vintage sweat shirt too..........


  1. Fantastic Patrick! Count me in on any prints you are making of this design.

  2. Beautiful t shirt. The stencilling inparticular.

    I used to own an original ww2 USMC pea green paper thin t shirt, but unfortunately sold it when the times were hard on the money front.

    Wore it a couple of times, but was too paranoid about damaging it to wear on a regular basis.

    Please let me know if you decide to do a limited run of prints of this t shirt.

    Fantastic blog by the way.

    Reminds me of me and my continual obsession with ww2 and the US NAVY.


  3. well it seems that i've got to roll up my sleeves and get busy now to find a source for nice shirts..... any ideas!??.....

  4. I think you can find some great t-shirts in California. The company that makes them for Rising Sun and Johnson Motors is L.A. somewhere. Pretty pricey and you have to have a minimum order, but they have a superior product.

  5. SICK! Love that shirt!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Good luck on finding the 'right' tee. been on that hunt for ages now. I keep going back to AAA the fit is the most consistant and they wash up nice. But not very vintage. Anvil has a few nice pieces with good fit but have to go through their agents for small runs otherwise huge mins. If interested hit me up and I will send you my short list of tee suppliers. Good luck and keep us posted if you go for it.


  6. well the right vintage fit so far will be a GILDAN "soft style" they are very close in feel and fit ..of course they need to be washed several times worked a bit with tea but seem to play the part. i'll do a trial run and i'll keep you guys posted.

  7. I have some Gildan's that are great! They run a little short (well, for me at 6' 4"), but not bad for the price either.

  8. BTW, have you seen these:


  10. Wow! That's a cool shirt. I had first seen a Seabees t-shirt on Rivet Head's blog, the one that he linked to eBay above. It inspired me to make a blog entry on the Seabees and their history on my own blog. Very cool T-shirt.

  11. I'd buy one of these tees if you made it, but i don't like thin t-shirts.
    I like super heavy tees with triple-stitched collars.
    I'll give you a Flat Head loopwheeled blank tee and you make me one?

  12. Any update for us on this shirt project, Patrick?


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