Monday, October 18, 2010


The FSSF unit's shoulder patch.This example is believed to be original to the shirt .....

Original ww2 trooper's wings logo with the owner's name stenciled.....

Here is ,straight from"the vault",an interesting bit of ww2 history.An original ww2 V sweatshirt that belonged to a member of the 1st special service forces FSSF the famous elite troop.Collecting militaria was a desease of mine a while ago and once in a while i can't help thinking of the stuff i've let go .....well! that's life right !?

Fort Harrison’s most famous contribution during the 20th century was its 1942 use as the organization and training area for the U. S. Army’s 1st Special Service Force FSSF, a joint World War II American-Canadian light infantry brigade made famous by the 1968 movie of the same name .
The 1st Special Service Force was activated on 9 July 1942 as a joint Canadian-U.S. force of three small regiments and a service battalion.The unit was raised for Project Plough - an invasion to liberate Norway, but the project was cancelled. then the unit,was sent to Kiska in the Aleutian Islands, Italy, and later in the south of France. When they disbanded, some of the Canadians transferred to 1 Canadian Parachute Battalion.
Fort Harrison in Helena, Montana was chosen as the primary training location, due to its flat terrain perfect for airborne training and its close proximity to mountains for ski and winter training.As a light infantry unit destined for alpine or winter combat, it was issued various items of non-standard clothing, equipment, and rations, including sweatshirts ,sweaters,skis, parkas, haversacks, and the Mountain ration .Following its initial training period in Montana, the 1st SSF relocated to Camp Bradford, Vermont, on 15 April 1943, and to Fort Ethan Allen, Vermont, on 23 May 1943. On 4 July 1943, it arrived at the San Francisco Port of Embarkation....


  1. Ce sweater va en faire palir plus d'un… encore du lourd !!!! bravo

  2. I have been researching my husband's uncle who died in Italy. I found today that he was part of this group.
    Very Nice!


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