Thursday, October 28, 2010

A MILE IN MY SHOES part 1:the brogues

1940 Johnston&Murphy classic full brogue oxford dress.This one was a custom order when they were still made in NJ by the original company.....

Quater brogue oxford dress slip on .Co designed this one,for the RODSON shoe co. back in the late 80's .obviously inspired by the model under....

1940's John Lobb from London not to be compared to the one produced nowadays by Hermes under the same name .This semi brogue dress model was created and introduced by Lobb in the late 30's.....

Probably early 60's McAfee full brogue [wingtip] with a smooth French toe......

Here's a late 50's sharp moc toe,i Co designed this model for RODSON.Great feeling to literally walk in YOUR shoes.....

Talking about shoe fetish ......I think i've payed my dues.Back in the late 80's i was all about dressing up the part ,from head to toes and could never get enough of it .Suits ,ties ,brogues and so on... i could not resist whenever a bargain was crossing my pass and back then believe me there was quite a few .It really changed,when i moved to the US. I needed to feel more relaxed ,more at ease, inclined to go for chinos and chambray, rather than pleated pants and oxfords i guess...nevertheless ,from time to times, i must admit,i still enjoy to "dress to impress". i've just kept the "creme de la creme"and i've decided to showcase some of my favorites .So today's post will be more visual than tutorial ,as candy for the eyes and more to come .......


  1. belles chaussures, beaux glaç paire de jonshon et la derniére paire sont trés belles...La couleur Lobb, toujours exceptionnelle...
    Je reste un fana de chaussures,particuliérement pour Crockett & jones.
    Tu as vu ce que fais , autant en vetements qu'en chaussures d'ailleurs,Marc Guyot de Cap cod?
    Au fait, bel appartement...joli bureau et de trés beaux tableaux dans ton appart!!

  2. Ah oui jolies !!! Moi je reste dans le marron en ce moment, gros faible pour les 1ère et les 3ème.

  3. thx to both of you ......i'll do 2 more posts on dress shoes as i have time on my hands right now .kinda slow at work .

  4. Joyeux anniversaire Monsieur Segui, que votre fête soit folle !

    Champagne !!!

    Miss O'

  5. I owned a lot of brogues...but I never learned all these terms to describe shoe design...I would love a glossary


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