Monday, October 4, 2010


Just a quick one today ,as dressing up this morning for work,i've realized ,that simpler,is what works better for me.I guess it's the same while "on the prowl for vintage",as it's not so much the brand that catches my attention,but the character and patina of the piece.Most of all i like the item to be "classic" in its lines ,as its not about being period correct,but more about being able to mix and match.So,to illustrate today's post,here's one of my favorite boots .they're Chippewas from the 60's.
See what i meant by "simplicity"!??A great patina ,that you can't achieve without,time ,patience and care.......


  1. you're true… very nice natural leather color patina… this is my favorite color for leather !!!!! simplicity !!!!

  2. sure is my favorite too for work boots .i only use neutral shoe polish for that color and ad a touch of talc to accentuate the details .


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