Monday, December 27, 2010

DO I NEED ANOTHER ONE !?? the rancher jacket

My first "rancher" with the required stampede style lid ......

Finesilver the Texas brand,was notoriously famous in the 30's and 40's for its numerous violations of labor laws.When other factories were unionized and trying to improve working conditions for their employees ,Finesilver was underpaying them,threatening its largely Mexican work force of deportation if not complying .....

My obsession with the "rancher" canvas jacket,started a longtime ago while watching one of my favorite western : Anthony Mann's " the far country ".In the movie,James Stewart the leading character,was wearing a jacket that at the time was unknown to me.It looked like some sort of shortened chore jacket,what i thought was a customized piece for the purpose of the movie ....That was before i've got my hands on an original one 20 years ago .My jacket was not branded and i didn't care as it was dead on .I still have it to this day .Later, i've discovered that Carhartt was one of the few companies manufacturing this peculiar model and this up until the 80's . From "broken arrow" ,"the naked spur "and "the man who killed liberty valance" ,James Stewart has always been and will always be my favorite .......


  1. I too have an obsession with this rancher jacket, with the corduroy collar and pockets. My obsession is due to not being able to find a new one to replace the one I have had since jr high. Just a few years ago I would pass over them online from time to time not thinking that I should pick one up before they disappear.

  2. there's one on ebay right now .go for it !!

  3. I saw it, not my size. thanks though. What is up with my name in my first comment? I need to figure out how to change that.


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