Monday, December 13, 2010


Beautiful kid glove hide makes this pair so comfy ,they feel like sleepers...

The trade mark font hasn't changed since its beginning the hbt cotton lining ....

Another pair you'll say!? ...yep ! but the price was irresistible and so was the brand....

Dr. Scholl was William Mathias Scholl, born on a dairy farm in, Indiana, in 1882. Scholl began attending medical school in Chicago and he received his medical degree in 1904. However, his interest was in shoes and feet,fetishism some might say .to support his studies Scholl had worked in a shoe store, where he became convinced that ill-fitting shoes were responsible for much woe. Even before he completed his medical degree he was granted a patent for a device called the "Foot-Eazer" arch support, and he began his career by peddling his handmade leather shoe inserts to Chicago shoe stores.
Scholl's medical training helped him market the Foot-Eazer. He carried a real human skeleton foot with him on his rounds, and used it to demonstrate the stresses unsupported feet were subjected to. In 1907 Scholl incorporated the Scholl Manufacturing Company, and by 1909 the company had its own Chicago factory. Besides the Foot-Eazer, the company made various footcare products,such as, foot powder, special foot soap, and others.

Very early on,the line was packaged in distinctive yellow and blue logo, a color scheme the Dr. Scholl's line still carries.


  1. mine: 8D and only 5$. my buddy Gregg was with me and almost died .got also a pair of 20's motorcycle laced up boots in horsehide that day for 10$.i guess it pays to wake up at 4 am sometimes !! i haven't had that kinda luck in a while and i should have played lotto that day,as this place is literally packer with hipsters nowadays .....

  2. You lucky devil! They are beautiful.
    BTW, I love this blog. It's one of my favorites.

  3. thx and spread the word as i'd love more followers to for the boots,i know ,it was pure luck.i'll post the other pair soon.....

  4. Marvellous boots! Great atmospheric pics!
    Had a great week treasurehunting myself, no luck yet on the K-jacket, but it's out there.

  5. just got another lucky strike today .....30's shadow plaid the cleaner right now will post it soon


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