Thursday, December 16, 2010


The original trooper model became the favorite of jet pilots and military personel after ww2 ....

All Dehner boots are made to order .This pair dates from the 50's .....

Beautiful calf skin,makes this pair one of my fav.It's perfect with a pair of denims or even dressed pants ....

I just wanted to showcase today,a much overlooked company that still makes amazing footwear here in the USA :Dehner .
From its beginnings in Junction City Kansas IN 1875,to its current location in Omaha Nebraska, The Dehner Company has been working non-stop to provide the finest quality riding boots, patrol boots, military boots and leather products available. Not only have they succeeded in creating a global following, but The Dehner Company continues to build every boot and shoe by hand, just as was done over a century ago.

The Dehner company has always been a family affair and currently headed up by Jeff Ketzler, great-grandson of Carlton Dehner who founded the company in the late 1800's. Jeff is the third Ketzler to man the helm, preceded by his father Donovan Ketzler and his grandfather Harold Ketzler.


  1. dehner boots are hands down the best boots for the money in north america and it perplexes me that they are rarely included in the so called "american lists" of popular men's style blogs. $370 for the boot you have pictured is an excellent deal.

  2. i do agree's the best deal ever for a:" made in the USof A "pair of boots and that's why i've decided to do this post .popular men's blogs!? gimme a break !!they just copy each other and are just here for the money anyway .i don't feel and see any passion coming out of any of them .they are boring and hardly go beneath the surface. they just go with the flow and almost never venture in uncharted territories right !?? .here today gone tomorrow your blog by the way

  3. Bonjour Patrick,

    Je suis juste en transe sur les bottes. Elles sont magnifiques! Y'a des largeurs? On en trouve encore?


  4. Trouvé sur leur site. Je fouille pour les largeurs. Merci beaucoup Mr SEGUI.


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