Monday, February 28, 2011


Since my former post about Dr Scholl , i've found another pair .It has been hard to date this set, as very few info surfaced from my researches on the net ,but some elements made me lean toward a late 30's early 40's date.Any additional info on the brand and model will be welcome They are new old stock and the beautiful patina,is just the result of heavy oxydation of its hide .Never polished them ,i've just dust them off......


  1. I need a pair of moctoes.
    Great form & colour!

  2. tell me your size,one never knows the way still nothing on the horizon ...damn it !!

  3. 9/43, one can hope...

    Such a bunch of fuckin'incompetents at the mail!
    Lady Mose sent a package to London before X-mas. Reported it missing after six weeks, it arrived another two weeks later. Now, another month later, she got a letter of apology from the mail saying the package is untracable and they'll pay €50.= compensation.
    It arrived, it was signed for on delivery...
    What the fuck we pay track&trace and registration fees for, anyway?

  4. well Mrc sent me a jacket a month ago .it went back to France with an " unclaimed for " mention which is impossible,as my mail is held for me by my postman .so basically it never passed the customs . they 're swamped with the new restrictions since december ,they just sent back the parcel .well !! still hoping for your jacket to get here .did you get insurance for it !??


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