Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Original ad from an early 30's company's catalog.....

Note the unlined shoulders .....

First tag used up to the early 40's......

Well !!!nothing really spectacular today,but i thought it was worth sharing before its departure to the land of the rising sun.
Early PENDLETON shirts are getting harder to find and even more in descent condition,so if you find one at your local thrift ,just grab it.
In 1912,the PENDLETON company began expanding their line into other woolen products such as clothing. the company opened a weaving mill in Washougal, Washington [across the river from Portland] for the production of woolen fabrics used in suits and coats.
By 1924 the company started a new product line of men’s woolen sport shirts in plain bright colors and plaid patterns. Prior to that time woolen shirts had been considered work shirts and came in mostly dull colors,mostly gray navy or brown.By the 30's the company was producing a full line of woolen sportswear.As Pendleton Woolen Mills devoted most of its production to blankets, uniforms and clothing for the US military services,early to mid 40's shirts are almost impossible to find . It was after the war ,that the market expanded to women’s sportswear.It was also around that time,that the tag changed and the shirt's size was embroidered on,before it was printed on a separate piece of cotton sewn underneath the tag .In the mid 60's the modern sizing S,M,L,XL was introduced and the "all wool logo"appeared in the 70's.......


  1. Parfois le simplicité et la valeur sure a du bon… Pourquoi chercher toujours midi à 14h… une belle pendleton 40's et le tour est joué ;-) hop !

  2. that's my philosophy. that's why i've switched from the flashy 50's stuff to simpler and comfier clothes...still like it but don't feel it suits me anymore ....getting old i guess


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