Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Roger and Charles Ingersoll,started 
one of the oldest American watch company.In 1892, with help from Henry Ford, they developed an automated production for watches, producing pocket watches of course ,but also,some of the first wrist watches at the affordable prices of 1$ while maintaining the quality that they’re famous for. While that sounds ridiculously low during these days, one must understand that at that time it was worth a day’s wage. The “Dollar Watch” took off and approximately one million were produced. 
The famous “Dollar Watch” became known as the “Yankee” and its success sealed forever. The brothers had to increase their production by opening more plants. With the help of new technical advances in the field and refinement of the watches, they also produced the smallest pocket watch ever made. In 1919, the Ingersoll brothers developed the first watch with a ‘night design’ called the “Radiolite’ that had a luminous dial [seen in the dark],as pictured above. To this day Ingersoll Watches remain high on the list of collectors....


  1. Another nice one, i'm working in vintage watch business so "bravo"....

  2. i like the very thin riveted leather strap....thx

  3. More vintage watches please. I've always loved them. The more scratches the merrier.

  4. alright !! but how come you're not signed as a follower yet !?? ahahahah!!

  5. That mistake has now been corrected!



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