Monday, March 5, 2012


Just got this perfect example of a straight forward early 40's sport jacket .No fancy pockets here,just as simple as can be. The patina on this horsehide is amazing.Got this GOLDEN BEAR jacket from my good buddies at "STATIC VINTAGE" here in SF.Moto,Brian and Leanndra are without a doubt among the best at what they do.Whatever decade you're into,i bet you'll find something to your taste at STATIC as their vintage selection is perhaps the one of the most interesting and divers in the city.So when in SF, if you're looking for quality vintage ,pay these guys a visite ,or "like" their facebook page for news...

S.Slater started the GOLDEN BEAR brand in 1922 here in San Francisco where the factory was based .The 50's and 60's saw the brand reach a pick in productivity ,with varsity and flight jackets becoming very popular.It's to be noted ,that the brand was also responsable for some of the best motorcycle jackets manufactured for the SFPD and CHIPS . 


  1. Belle piéce!
    c'est ce qui va te servir de base pour ton modéle goodwear leather ou tu pars sur un autre modele?

  2. la base est deja en place pour ce la porte tous les jours pour voire comment elle evolue.on va developer 4 models,dont un car coat 20's.le tout sera modulable .il me faut donc des bases solides .le tout sera en place d'ici l'annee prochaine avec un blog rien que pour la marque et toute la petite tout va bien

  3. toi, tu dors pas!!c'est bien, me tarde de voir le bout de ce projet!

  4. j'ai deja les zippers hookless a grommets en direct du Japon......


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